The Desk

How often do we as individuals or even collectively look back retrospectively in absolute amazement of a situation we should have seen coming?

How often do we say to ourselves, “I knew this or that”, and yet never negate the preventative outcome?

Unfortunately, we all can be guilty of the above scenario due to ignorance and at times, deliberate blindness to reality. Sometimes the vision of our ow…n reality really can have us avoiding the inevitable outcome due to our own neurosis and passion for holding onto what we believe to be real (in our worlds). Only when the vision becomes shattered, do we decide to reflect and reconsider the position we are anchored to.

Divisive behavior is an art perfected by the master manipulators that can have a group of people at loggerheads while these people do not understand how it all came about. Suddenly there may well be a situation of conflict arising from absolutely nowhere that really has the players questioning their own sense of sanity.

Divisive behavioral players know when and where to move and these timings often affect our own interpersonal relationships because the player is demanding a certain position within the lives of the other actors. You and I.

These people force a wedge between normal communications and satisfy themselves with the knowingness that they have one or more recipients urging them for advisory counsel.

Be wary of the so-called “fire starters” as they only have their own interest at heart. To identify the divisive behaviorist, be aware that they gather information on not only you but also others close to you. Once armed, they attempt to use the information to create a separation within that so-called fragile relationship.

Often the targeted relationship is just a little rocky and doesn’t really require any in-depth counsel.

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