Enneagram Personality Plus
For Enneagram enthusiasts brushing up or beginners
ready to deep dive.
A self-paced, introduction to the Enneagram and the Personality Plus Factor.
The course is presented using an easy to follow online learning video tutorials format.
12 modules
Price $245
Lifetime access
All major credit cards accepted. 16+ video tutorials all in natural language - One-time payment.
Go through the course at your own pace. All content will be available in your member dashboard.
It's online
Study online whenever it's convenient for you.
Who was this course designed for?
For Enneagram enthusiasts or beginners.
Students ready to expand their Enneagram know-how.
Enneagram junkie's passionate and love learning new methods.
Program Content Overview
9 download workbooks - divides the course into digestible chunks.
16+ video tutorials all in easy to follow language
42 suggested resources and downloads.
9 self-paced guided video and on-page tutorials.
Over 3+ hours of video and 30 hours of learning.
Understanding emotional set points
How to use the Enneagram to balance incomplete perceptions.
Ways to contribute to relationships and family more fully.
What you'll know by the end of this course.
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Course modules
The program is designed for self-study at a time that suits your lifestyle. Your tutor will be in touch with you to check your progress and provide feedback. A group chat will be set up for the course participants.
About your instructor
David Sherry
MFA Founder and Instructor
Peak performance coach, author, speaker, and educator for over two decades and accredited international teacher of the Enneagram.
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Enneagram Personality Plus Online Course
A 12 module course covering the enneagram