"A new reality starts with your personality"
- David Sherry

Let's begin the discovery
We've made it super easy and cost-effective to begin the discovery stage of evaluating and confirming your personality type.

The How:
Our Video Coaching Platform enables us to meet face-to-face and conduct a very productive coaching session without scheduling time out of our lives to be on a video call simultaneously.
Threaded asynchronous messaging means we ask questions ad reply to each other at our leisure and in our own time.
It's like video ping pong or a walkie-talkie, but for grownups.
Let's get started.

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My 3 Hour Personality

My Personality in Three uses technology and our 25 years of know-how together in a way that enables you to confirm your personality in three hours or less.

Just two steps to discover and confirm.
We use asynchronous video chat to ask all the necessary discovery questions. Then on our 1 hour 1:1 coaching call, you get to put it all together and confirm your very own personality type.

No need to spend months or years second-guessing it. We've designed it in a way that you uncover your Enneagram Type.

We learned decades back that holding the space enables the student to get to that confirmation independently but feel an authentic sense of ownership over the experience.
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Hey, it's me David.
I'm ready so lets schedule your first coaching call.
We're an accredited International Enneagram Association school. We use proven constructs to help those on a mission to do something new with their life.
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